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Through the unremitting efforts of all employees, Careable biotechnology obtained the CE certificate issued by UNIVERSAL in Turkey. There are 2900 CE certification agencies in EU, but only 29 certifications comply with the EU2016/425 directive. This decree is a directive and regulation for personal protection, mainly involving civilian protective equipment. The full name of the organization that promulgated our CE is Universal Certification and Surveillance Sevice Trade Ltd. Co. is one of 29, as shown in the link below. And our CE FFP2 report passed the full set of tests of the EU EN149 standard and can be used in supermarkets, pharmacies, government departments, etc. This also laid the foundation for the application of whitelist in the later stage of our factory.

The link of the notified body authorized by the EU Personal Protective Equipment Regulations EU2016/425 (PPE): fuseaction=directive.notifiedbody&dir_id=155501

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