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In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, personal protective equipment (PPE) has seen a worldwide surge in demand. One of the most popular types of PPE to stop the spread of the virus is the single-use or disposable facemask. According to the research, universal masking, particularly when done using multilayer surgical or 3ply face masks, are super efficient in indoor settings. These layers provide a variety of purposes, such as fit and comfort, fluid barrier, particle and bacterial filtration, and antibacterial protection.


Why Wearing A Mask Is Vital?


The first thing to understand is that wearing a mask mainly serves the interests of others. Since COVID-19 is mostly disseminated through droplets from the mouth and nose of an infected individual, wearing a mask greatly reduces the risk of the virus spreading.

Mask wearers can gain advantages by lowering their exposure to contaminated droplets. According to the CDC study, this advantage improves if the mask is worn more firmly or is doubled up.

The research discovered several approaches to lessen exposure, including:

  • Covering a medical disposable facemask with a fabric mask
  • Only wearing a surgical mask, but tying the ear loops and tucking any excess clothing

According to the study, using masks in this way reduced exposure to "infectious aerosols" by 95%. Additionally, it demonstrated how these techniques could considerably boost the advantages for the person using the mask as well as those nearby. While numerous different types of disposable masks can be worn like FFP2 masks, medical masks, respirators, and 3ply masks to attain maximum protection.


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Right Tactic To Put On Disposable Facemask


The right way to wear a face mask is to ensure that it fits your face snugly from all sides. And in this regard, getting the right sized mask is also vital to ensure that there’s no open space between mask and face. The ear loops fit snugly behind your ears and latch there to secure your mask. Ensure that it fits nicely so that it does not move while you talk or when tilting or rotating your face.

Washing your hand is the most inevitable step after removing your disposable facemask, and you should never compromise here. To ensure a proper and secure fit, be sure to read and adhere to the instructions on the face mask packaging.


Two Masks Better Than One


Feel free to put on two masks if you like, as it will enhance your protection level. Just make sure you wear your masks securely and correctly and that you can still breathe easily while wearing them.

  • A surgical mask or disposable facemask with three plies. This kind of mask frequently has pleats and is blue. It's the kind that dentists and doctors typically wear, and it's made to be thrown away following one use.
  • A three-layer fabric mask. The majority of people utilize this common face mask when entering public spaces.

According to the study, the masks blocked about 50% of cough particles when worn alone. Over 80% of cough particles were blocked when both masks were worn at the same time, with the fabric mask covering the surgical mask.

But if wearing two masks is uncomfortable for you, and it's daunting for you to wear them all day long, you can try other tactics like:

  • Put on a surgical mask, knot the ear loops, and tuck the extra cloth aside.
  • Find a cotton mask that fits your face snugly, covering your nose and mouth without leaving gaps at the sides, by trying on a few different types.
  • Select a mask with multiple layers, such as one that is a multi-ply or 3ply mask.
  • An additional choice is to put on an FFP3 mask.


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Can You Reuse Disposable Facemasks?


The fact that all three types of face masks, medical and nonmedical, as well as respirators, are made to be used just once is what unites them. However, this does not necessarily imply that you must discard your mask after just one use. If you remove and keep the mask properly, it can be worn more than once, depending on the mask and how long you wear it. If the disposable facemask gets wet or appears to be unclean, replace it. As with all masks, make sure to take it off your face correctly by pulling the straps, then wash your hands right away.


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