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In order to promote the positive energy of society and support the epidemic prevention and control work in Jiangmen city, the company donated 100,000 masks to the Jiangmen Red Cross society on July 13.


We donated 100,000 masks to the Red Cross society of Jiangmen to help prevent and control the epidemic." According to the official of The Huizhou Red Cross, the City will make plans to donate masks to schools, communities and front-line medical institutions for nucleic acid testing and vaccination in accordance with the requirements of the city's prevention and control departments. The remaining masks will be included in the material reserve of the city's epidemic prevention departments.


The company has always attached great importance to fulfilling its social responsibility, and this donation is intended to make a modest contribution to epidemic prevention and control. "Everyone is first and foremost responsible for their own health and wearing a mask is vital. I'm responsible for my own health, and I'm responsible for everybody's health." Yang morui called on the general public to form a civilized travel habit of "all people wear masks" and work together to build a health barrier against epidemic.


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